This year's event will be on Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

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Coveted Introductions

The Holiday Lookbook offers an exclusive opportunity for you to meet and engage with select invited media/influencers, target short lead outlets (for Back to School, Holiday Gift Guides, New Year's and other themed special issues), and reach long lead outlets who are looking for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Spring preview items. 

Exclusive Environment

This event is a great way to meet one-on-one with influencers, editors and producers in a stylish, relaxed and friendly environment.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to network and develop new relationships with other brands in attendance.


We created this event to help brands with great gift ideas yet limited PR budgets.  If you have always wanted to hire a publicist to make valuable media introductions but lacked the budget for a monthly retainer commitment, this event is for you.

Could your brand use a media boost?


Ace & Everett

"This is a phenomenal event. Very supportive of different companies and businesses involved. It’s been a blast meeting journalists as well as other brands and their founders.”  -Sage Disch

Keep America

"We've received dozen of editorials and been on every single National television network.” 

-David Seliktar

Dry Divas

"Surpassed my expectations!"

 -Colleen Bellitti

Happiest Tee

"As a brand new company, it was so exciting to see Happiest Tee being mentioned by dozens of influencers on Instagram and to have so much immediate press exposure." 

-Suzanne Corbo

Millianna Jewelry

"As a small business with limited marketing dollars, this event provided great bang for our buck." 

-Arianna Brooke

Shout Out Clothing

"We got to meet Bobbie Thomas of the Today Show who mentioned our product on air less than 30 days after the event.  We sold more product that week alone than we had in the entire previous year." 

-Colin Egglesfield

Featured Brands (2017)

Cha-Cha Chic

Cha-Cha Chic tees are perfect for dressing up for the club or lounging by the pool.  No matter where they are worn, they will be noticed!

Diamonds International

Having served more than 5 million satisfied customers over the past 30 years, Diamonds International has become the most trusted, and most referred, fine jewelry retailer of travelers in the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska.


Rejuvenate, replenish and heal your lips with the first lipid based lip care.  EpiCeram-L contains 3 essential lipids to keep lips healthy and well-nourished.

Happiest Tee

Celebrate your happy place in style in comfort with these luxury made in the USA tees, sweatshirts and tanks.

Healing Saint by DrJane360

Healing Saint Luminosity Skin Serum uses polypetide complex and natural botanical extracts to gently and effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines, fade age spots, minimize uneven tones and increase luminosity.


PonyDry is the first product designed to allow women with long hair to wash only the part of their hair that really matters - the roots - while keeping their ends dry and maintaining their style.

Featured Brands (continued)

Cityzen by Azin

The Cityzen scarf is a universal piece of clothing that links women and men across the world sharing their commonality and respecting their differences. It provides a breathtaking perspective of the world and is accompanied by a mini guide that celebrates each place and leverages fashion for social impact by promoting various causes around the world.

Ez Studios

Ez Studios is a pristine, white, multi-use studio with a garage door entrance in the heart of the Garment District. Located two avenues away from the Jacob Javits Center, the studio showcases a main space of 4,500 SF, and a mezzanine with 1,000 SF, 17′ ceilings, optional track spot lighting for fashion shows, and furniture packages. Perfect for photo shoots and special events,


Oxygenetix breathable post procedure foundation is a breakthrough line of foundations and moisturizer that covers, helps heal   and eliminates social downtime following aesthetic procedures.  Designed for doctors, our breathable skincare/makeup covers and soothes a   wide variety of skin problems: skin injuries, wounds, rashes, cracked, dry   skin, acne scars, rosacea and other skin conditions.  


Peluches have an elastic bungee cord that clips right to your dog's collar so it never leaves their side. That way they can play with their bouncy BFF even when they're all by themselves. They also make one doggone comfy pillow.


Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner literally saves relationships!  Instead of pushing your partner over all night because of snoring, you can just pick one up from your bedside table and pop it on his/her back with its medical grade adhesive.  Within seconds, the problem is solved.


 Chic dinnerware with portion consciousness disguised in the design. From New   Year’s resolutions to summer beach body goals, Slimware helps you stay on   track with one of the most tried-and-true diet techniques: portion control.

Featured Brands (continued)

Rumi X

Created in 2015, we design and manufacture innovative activewear apparel using sustainable fibres enabling us to become eco-conscious citizens.


 Sit on your sweetcheeks for a daily 30-minute massage to increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Just sit again everyday to maintain your results. Nothing to plug in – powered by you.

The Kagency

The Kagency is your one-stop shop for sourcing the perfect event  location and buzz-worthy DJ or musical act to create an unforgettable event experience.


 Theramu products were developed as a safe all-natural alternative to relieve pain and inflammation anywhere on the human body through a proprietary compound of Emu Oil and Pure Hemp Extract. Decades of evidence demonstrate indisputable positive health outcomes and safety of hemp extract. Theramu works to relieve, soothe and calm pain and discomfort almost immediately in patients suffering a range of health conditions, including musculoskeletal issues, skin diseases, injury recovery, chronic pain and more.

Watch Ya' Mouth

Mouth Guard Party Game.

Southern Wicked Lemonade

Southern Wicked Lemonade is an array of organic sipping cocktails featuring moonshine, vodka and vodka/gin blends. Sweet to the taste and warm to the palette, Southern Wicked Lemonade is "Potent Enough for a Man But Made for a Woman!

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The Holiday Lookbook

Wednesday, August 15, 2018. Location is TBA. Each year we select a chic and convenient NYC location for our event. Past venues have included the Eventi Hotel and Ez Studios.

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3d Public Relations & Marketing is a full service firm that specializes in publicity, event planning, branding, celebrity outreach, entertainment marketing and red carpet production. In an ever-changing and expanding network of media outlets, we utilize our energy, honesty and innovative thought processes to communicate with the press. We have worked with designers and companies of all sizes and truly feel there is no client too big or too small; as entrepreneurs we value the rewards of growing alongside our clients. Our work, separately and collaboratively, has allowed us to build a vast network of contacts in all areas relevant and beneficial to our clients. 


Distinctive Assets is a niche marketing company offering celebrity placement, product introduction and branding opportunities. Though we spearheaded the proliferation of award show swag and boast an impressive résumé of prestigious events that includes the GRAMMYs®, Tonys, American Music Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, BET Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards, celebrity placement is just the tip of the iceberg. From Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, our clients benefit from customized marketing solutions that leverage unparalleled experiences as well as access to top celebrities, premier events, influential media and strategic partners.